The Intensive English Language Institute (IELI)

Creighton University has been providing instruction in English as a second language since 1979. The Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) offers two full semesters of instruction each year in high intermediate and advanced English language skills, as well as special, customized summer programs. Guided by a team of excellent instructors, students develop the speaking, writing, reading and listening skills necessary for academic success while gaining insights into various aspects of U.S. culture.

The mission of the IELI is

  1. to provide intensive English instruction and support services to help prepare IELI students to the academic rigors necessary at Creighton University;
  2. to promote the practice and scholarship of English language teaching in an environment of integrity and respect;
  3. to provide guidance in the areas of intercultural understanding, campus and community participation, and global citizenship; and
  4. to reflect and support the mission of Creighton University.

Program Description

The IELI curriculum consists of courses in listening/speaking, reading, writing, and grammar taught on two levels of proficiency, from high intermediate to advanced1. Small classes of no more than 15 students each allow for a great deal of individual attention. During the first three days of the term, new students participate in an orientation program that includes tests to determine their most appropriate IELI level and activities that introduce them to life on campus and in Omaha. At the end of each session, students are evaluated by their instructors and promoted to the next level if they have made satisfactory progress. Certificates of attendance and completion are awarded.

IELI Terms and Application Deadlines

Fall Semester 2023 August 15 - December 8 June 15, 2023
Spring Semester 2024 January 9 - May 8 November 9, 2023

Entrance Requirements: IELI applicants must be at least 17 years of age and have completed high school (exceptions can be made for short-term study).

The complete IELI application includes:

  1. IELI Application Form.
  2. English proficiency test results
  3. Certification of Available Finances indicating funding from all sources.
  4. Bank statements showing the most recent three months of activity.
  5. Copy of the personal page of the applicant’s passport.

Fill out the application and submit necessary forms and payment using this link.

Acceptance to IELI

Once accepted into IELI, students will receive an acceptance letter and an I-20 with instructions to apply for an entry visa at their nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Students must enter the U.S. on an F-1 visa, not a tourist visa.

The Bridge to Creighton

The Bridge to Creighton is a dynamic program designed for undergraduate students with high academic potential who would benefit from additional advanced-level English language support.

The Bridge is not simply an ESL program; it enables eligible students to earn up to 6 credits at Creighton University while polishing vital academic skills needed for success at a top-ranked university.

In the Bridge semester, highly-qualified instructors in the Intensive English Language Institute will instruct students in essential critical reading strategies, academic vocabulary, high level English grammar, presentation and oral communication skills, and note-taking. A 3-credit composition course will provide students with practice and techniques for the writing projects found in Creighton classes. A 2-credit academic success course will orient students to many services available on Creighton's campus. During or immediately following the Bridge semester, students are also connected with a faculty advisor and a small cohort of peers to examine and experience key elements of Creighton University life together (an additional 0.5-1 credit, depending on program of study).

The next semester students take full credit courses, but the IELI instructors will continue to serve as a resource for students, as well as for the students' other Creighton professors to ensure student success.

Bridge students are fully-admitted University students, and as such, follow the same academic policies and procedures.

To qualify for admission to the Bridge to Creighton, you must have a TOEFL of at least 70 (IELTS 6.5) and fulfill all of the other application and admission requirements of Creighton university undergraduate programs. Apply using the link below!

Admission to Creighton

Admission to Creighton’s IELI does not include admission to a degree program at Creighton University. Students who plan to enter Creighton University should apply for admission to the University.