Withdrawals and Refunds

The University refund policy has been created to support our mission and allow students the maximum amount of time to reflect and discern their course schedule and educational goals. A student is considered in attendance and is responsible for any tuition balances due until s/he has formally notified Creighton University in writing of their withdrawal.  Tuition refunds are based on the date he/she made their formal withdrawal.  Students who formally withdraw from the University before the official start date of the semester or term will not be liable for the tuition or fees associated with each course. If a student withdraws after the official start date of the semester or term, tuition refunds will be posted to the student's tuition and fees account based on the schedule as shown on the Business Office webpage.


Semester/Term Tuition & Fees
100% Refund
80% Refund
60% Refund
40% Refund
20% Refund
Not Eligible for Refund
Full Semester 1st - 7th calendar day of semester 8th - 14th calendar day of semester 15th - 21st calendar day of semester 22nd - 28th calendar day of semester 29th - 35th calendar day of semester 36th calendar day and after
10-, 11- or 12-week 1st - 5th calendar day of term NA 6th - 10th calendar day of term NA 11th - 15th calendar day of term 16th calendar day of term or after
7- or 8-week 1st - 4th calendar day of term NA 5th - 7th calendar day of term NA 8th - 10th calendar day of term 11th calendar day of tern or after
4-, 5- or 6-week 1st - 3rd calendar day of term NA 4th - 5th calendar day of term NA 6th - 7th calendar day of term 8th calendar day of term or after
3-week 1st and 2nd calendar day of term NA 3rd and 4th calendar day of term NA NA 5th calendar day of term and after
1 or 2-week 1st calendar day of term NA NA NA NA 2nd calendar day of term or after

Creighton University is required to complete the return of federal aid calculation for all students receiving financial aid.  This is a proportional calculation based upon time enrolled during a semester, type of aid received, and direct costs.  Students impacted by this policy will receive a worksheet outlining the steps and resulting calculation.

For the Doctor of Medicine program withdrawal/refund policy, please visit the School of Medicine Tuition Refund Policy.

Continuing Education Refund Policy: Continuing education and professional development courses may be cancelled by the attendee in writing up to 7 days before the course begins for a full refund, less a $25 processing fee. Some courses are not eligible for a refund; these exceptions are noted in specific course descriptions. If a course is cancelled by the University for non-weather related issues, the student will be notified and a full refund will be processed. In the event of a weather related closure, the course will be rescheduled.

Refunds of room and board due to withdrawal from the University will be prorated.

Nonrecurring fees, the application fee, the University fee, the technology fee, special service fee and penalty fees will be charged in full, after the 100% refund period.  The nonrecurring, penalty, and special service fees include; deferred payments, late payments, special examination/evaluations, challenge examinations, recording, tuition remission administrative fees, orientation fee and lockers.

Undergraduate full-time students who drop courses after the last day for late registration but remain full-time (12 or more credit hours) receive no refund. If a full-time student drops to part-time status, refund of the difference between the full-time tuition charge and the per-credit-hour charge for the courses being continued will be made in accordance with the refund schedule. Students assessed tuition per credit hour, including part-time students, graduate students, law students, and students in a summer session, will be charged for courses dropped in accordance with the refund schedule. In the event of total withdrawal, students will be refunded in accordance with the refund schedule.

A student will be considered as having withdrawn from the University after two consecutive weeks of unexplained absence. However, this policy is not to be considered as revoking the regulation that requires a student to notify the Dean in writing of his/her withdrawal. Refunds are made to the student on the basis of the date he/she has formally notified the Dean in writing of their withdrawal.