BSBA, Major in Management: Business Ethics Track Requirements: 18 Credits

ECO 528International Economic Development3
Select one of the following:3
Advanced Organizational Behavior
Seminar in Management
Organizational Psychology
Select twelve credits from the following: 112
Food, Society, and Environment
Data and Information Management
Environmental Ethics
Social Insurance And Economic Security
Information Ethics
Faith And Moral Development
International Management
Meaning in America
Moral Philosophy
Philosophy of Feminism
Introduction To Chinese Philosophy
Introduction to Buddhism
Environmental Ethics
Science, Technology, and Values
Social And Political Philosophy
History of Ethics
Moral Psychology
Philosophy of Sport
Literature, Philosophy, And Economics: Critical Representations Of Commercial Life
Ethics and Public Policy
Race In America: Idea And Reality
International Politics
Social Psychology
The Urban Social System
Ethics and Spirituality
Electives must be approved by the Marketing and Management Department Chair.
Total Credits18

Courses should adhere to a unified theme that complements the student’s business education in the areas of ethics and social responsibility. For example, a student interested in ethics across business disciplines might take ACC 423 Auditing, FIN 343 Social Insurance And Economic Security, BIA 354 Data and Information Management, & MGT 373 International Management. A student interested in spirituality in the workplace might take JPS 365 Faith And Moral Development, PHL 353 Introduction to Buddhism, PHL 368 Moral Psychology, and THL 572 Ethics and Spirituality. Other combinations are possible. A student wanting help with options should visit with Dr. Beverly Kracher.

If MGT 373 International Management is taken to fulfill the global business requirement and also as a major elective, the management major must take three business electives.  At least one of the three business electives must be outside of management.  A business elective is any upper division business class.  Business foundation classes are not considered business electives.  If a student double majors, courses taken as part of the second major fulfill the business electives requirement.