B.S.B.A., Major in Management, Human Resources Management Track Requirements: 18 Credits

MGT 351Personal/Human Resources Management3
Select one of the following:3
Advanced Organizational Behavior
Seminar in Management
Organizational Psychology
Select twelve credits from the following:12
Business Internships
Leadership: Theories, Styles, And Skills
Interpersonal Communication
Small Group Communication
Communication Consulting
Seminar in Management
Moral Psychology
Social Psychology
Industrial Psychology
Psychological Assessments
Electives must be approved by the Marketing and Management Department Chair.
Total Credits18

Students with the Management: Human Resource Major may consider adding a fifth year of study to also earn a Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in conjunction with the Werner Institute.

If MGT 373 is taken to fulfill the global business requirement and also as a major elective, the management major must take three business electives.  At least one of the three business electives must be outside of management.  A business elective is any upper division business class (MKT 319, MGT 301, MGT 385 and FIN 301).  Business foundation classes are not considered business electives.  If a student double majors, courses taken as part of the second major fulfill the business electives requirement.