Student Government

The Creighton Students Union (CSU) is the comprehensive student government for Creighton University, serving to represent and program for all Creighton students.  CSU exists to represent and serve the student community of Creighton University. Through the cooperative efforts of the nine (9) colleges and schools of Creighton University, the Creighton Students Union is entrusted to serve as an advocate and voice for the student body and is dedicated to the enhancement of the educational, social, and cultural environment on campus. The mission of the Creighton Students Union is accomplished through: Representing the student body of Creighton University to the faculty, staff, and administration; Supporting all Creighton University student organizations to stimulate productivity and encourage members of the Creighton community to contribute positively to the university and greater communities; Planning and implementing a variety of activities to meet the diverse needs of the student body and to encourage student interaction outside of the classroom.