New Student Orientation

The mission of New Student Orientation at Creighton University is to aid all new students in their transition to the Creighton community by meeting them where they are at and growing with them by exposing new students to the Jesuit values and mission of Creighton through the academic and social opportunities that are offered. We do this by integrating new students into the life of Creighton by intentionally providing opportunities where students can develop life skills and provide an inclusive environment to the parents and families of Creighton students to feel welcome and a part of the Creighton community.  The first two programs that allow for this growth are Summer Preview and Welcome Week.

Summer Preview is Creighton's summer orientation program that focuses on providing information and resources to new students and families during the summer months.  This "preview" of what is to come in the fall semester will help set up both students and families for a successful transition into the Creighton Community.

Welcome Week serves as Creighton’s official welcome to all New Jays during the fall semester beginning with Move-In and ending with a closing ceremony after seeing all aspects of university life through service, academics, and social experiences. Welcome Week lasts longer than a week and provides new students with the opportunity to meet their peers while classes begin and feel a true belonging to the Creighton Community.