Adjustments and Withdrawals After Registration

Changes in Registration (Adding and Dropping of Courses)

Any change after the student’s initial registration is permitted either with the written consent of the Dean upon recommendation of the graduate program director or the student’s advisor. Changes during the registration period may be made through the student's N.E.S.T. account.

Withdrawing from Courses

Withdrawal from any on campus course after the first week; or from a 7- or 8-week on-line course after day two, requires sufficient cause and may be made only with the approval of the Graduate Dean. After the period for registration has ended, any petition to drop a course or to change status from credit to audit must include the recommendation by the Graduate Dean. Course withdrawals with a “W” may not be made later than the date posted each semester. A student who drops a course without approval of the Dean receives “WF” for the course (failure because of unauthorized withdrawal).

Withdrawal from the University

A registered student is considered in attendance until he or she has formally notified the University in person or in writing of their withdrawal.

Permission to withdraw from the University is granted by the Dean of the School/College in which the student is registered. This is required as a condition of honorable dismissal.

A student will be considered as having withdrawn from the University after two consecutive weeks of unexplained absence. However, this policy is not to be considered as revoking the regulation that requires a student to notify the Dean in person or in writing of his/her withdrawal. Refunds are made to the student on the basis of the date he/she has formally notified the Dean in person or in writing of their withdrawal.

A student withdrawing from the University during any semester or summer session before the final examinations forfeits credit for work done in that term. Students who withdraw with permission of the Dean receive “W” on their official record; those who drop without permission of the Dean receive “WF” for all courses (failure because of unauthorized withdrawal).