Annual University Commencement Ceremonies are held in May. Students who complete their degree programs in the Spring Semester are expected to be present at Commencement to receive their degrees. Students who complete their degree programs in the Fall Semester may attend Commencement in May following completion or in the preceding May with the approval of their program director. Students who complete their degree programs during the Summer are encouraged to attend Commencement the preceding May or the May Commencement following completion. Diplomas of August and December degree conferrals will be mailed upon confirmation of the completion of all degree requirements by the respective Dean.

NOTE: A student may participate in only one Commencement ceremony for each degree granted.

The respective Deans of the Schools and Colleges of the University shall have the responsibility for clearing all participants of Commencement in accordance with requirements and deadlines established by the respective graduate program director(s).

The Graduate School normally holds a combined Hooding/Commencement ceremony in December and May and December.