Transfer of Credit

A graduate student’s degree program needs to be undertaken primarily at the direction of Creighton’s faculty. Credit earned within the past 7 years with grades "A" or "B" at other accredited graduate institutions may be considered for transfer at the time a student’s plan of study is constructed. The acceptance of credit offered for transfer will be determined by the Dean of the Graduate School upon recommendation of the program director.

Ordinarily, no more than six transfer credits will be applicable toward a master’s degree, nor will more than thirty transfer credits offered by the recipient of a master’s degree from another institution be applicable to doctoral studies at Creighton. Ordinarily, no more than six transfer credits from a master's program or nine transfer credits from a doctoral program will be applicable to doctoral studies in the Interdisciplinary Doctor of Education (EdD) program in Leadership. No transfer credits are accepted in the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program.  Prerequisite undergraduate courses will be accepted in the plan of study (but not counted as degree credit) provided they are taken from fully-accredited undergraduate colleges. Allowance of credit toward a graduate degree for courses taken as a Special Student (non-degree status) in the Graduate School may not exceed nine semester hours, except in the case of hours earned in pre-approved certificate programs.

A maximum of three credits in transfer may be accepted for graduate certificates. For post-graduate certificates in the College of Nursing, no transfer credit will be accepted.