Thesis, Dissertation and Project Studies

Master’s candidates register for Thesis course 799 and doctoral students register for Dissertation 899 in any term in which they are engaged in formal research in connection with, or other formal preparation of, the thesis or dissertation. Normally, the master’s thesis requirements can be met within two semesters. Master’s candidates may, in unusual circumstances and with the permission of the Dean, register for six hours of Thesis 799 in a single semester. Normally, however, the student will register for only one three-hour thesis course in a semester.

Because thesis, dissertation, and project studies often do not fit into a convenient timetable for completion, options for extended deadlines are provided. The student may sign up for multiple semesters of thesis or dissertation courses. Grades are expected to reflect the quality of the student’s work and the quality or adequacy of their progress toward completion. The advisor or the student will notify the Graduate Dean three weeks in advance of the date, time and location for the public defense. When the student has successfully defended his or her thesis/dissertation, the advisor will forward a notice signed by all committee members to the Graduate Dean with an explanation of the outcome of the defense. The final grade for the thesis or dissertation course will be reported by the student’s advisor after acceptance of the completed manuscript.

Detailed specifications for preparing the thesis or dissertation and for scheduling the defense may be had from the chair of the department or from the Graduate School. A preliminary copy of the thesis or dissertation should be submitted to the advisor at least two months before the date on which the degree is to be conferred. The thesis or dissertation in its final form must be approved and accepted by the advisor and the advisory committee at least 2 weeks before the degree is conferred. The student must submit an electronic copy of his/her thesis or dissertation to ProQuest, which will in turn transmit a digital file to the Creighton University Libraries for permanent storage in the Digital Repository.  No student will be permitted to seek publication of thesis or dissertation material without consent of his or her advisor. Violations of this regulation will lead to appropriate disciplinary action by the Dean.