MS-ORGL/MBA Dual Degree

M.S., Organizational Leadership/MBA Dual Degree (48 Credits)

Course requirements

MBA 771Leadership and Organizational Behavior3
MBA 775Business Policy And Managerial Action3
MBA 776Business, Ethics and Society3
BIA 762Survey of Business Intelligence and Analytics3
MBA Functional Core12
Students who have completed all of the Foundation requirements will need to take one advanced course in three of the four functional areas (ACC, ECO, FIN, MKT). The remaining six hours may be other MBA, BIA or MIM electives of the student's choice within the MBA program. A grade of B or better is required in any 500-level course taken for graduate credit & a maximum of six hours of 500-level courses taken for graduate credit may apply toward the MBA degree.
Accounting for Managers
Managerial Finance
Economic Analysis for Managers
Marketing Management
MSL 600Leadership Theory, Application and Reflection2
GRD 601Writing for Graduate Students1
MSL 601Strategic Planning3
MSL 602Communicating and Leading Across Cultures3
MSL 603Leading Innovation and Change3
MSL 790Leadership Capstone3
MSL 632Contemporary Issues in Leadership3
Area of Focus or Electives of Choice as approved by MSOL Program Director6
Total Credits48

Admissions Requirements

Applicants must meet the admissions criteria for both the MBA and MSOL programs, including all necessary admissions testing.