Admission of Special Students

Students who wish to take courses but do not expect to receive a degree from Creighton University may register as special students. Prerequisites for specific courses must be met and students are expected to fulfill the same course requirements as degree-seeking students. Most special students taking undergraduate courses register in College of Professional and Continuing Educations. Tuition and fees charged will be on a per-credit-hour basis for students taking from 1-11 semester hours; special students attending on a full-time basis (12-18 semester hours) are charged full tuition and fees. Students who have been accepted into certificate programs and carry a minimum of six hours per semester are eligible to apply for federal financial aid. Persons who have registered as special students and subsequently decide to enter a degree program must apply for acceptance as degree-seeking students.

A student who has been dismissed from another educational institution within the previous calendar year will normally not be allowed to register at Creighton as either a special or a degree-seeking student.