Admission of Transfer Students

Students who are in good standing at another regionally-accredited college and entitled to honorable dismissal may be admitted to Creighton University without examination if they present evidence of satisfactory scholarship. Transcripts from schools that are not regionally accredited will be judged on an individual basis.

The regular application form must be filed with the Director of Undergraduate Admissions. The applicant is responsible for having the appropriate office of each institution previously attended send an official academic transcript and testimony of honorable standing directly to the Director of Admissions, even if attendance was only during a summer session or for part of a term. These official transcripts are required even if the transcript of the institution most recently attended lists the record of the student at the other institutions, and regardless of whether or not credit was received or advanced standing credit is desired. A high school transcript must also be submitted.

Specific program requirements of each College must be fulfilled for graduation. Students must earn at least 48 hours in residence to qualify for a degree. Based on this requirement, to qualify for a Creighton degree, transfer students should plan to spend the last two years of college at Creighton. No more than 80 transfer credit hours will count toward a degree. More hours may be required depending upon the program of study and the way in which the transfer hours fulfill University requirements. The minimum number of hours in a student’s major which must be taken at Creighton are: 15 in the College of Arts and Sciences; 15-21 in the Heider College of Business; 20 in the College of Nursing.

Conditions for Transfer of Credit

The University will evaluate all hours submitted by the transfer applicant and reserves the right to accept or deny any of the credits offered for transfer. Credit hours earned with grades of “C-” or better at an accredited institution of higher education prior to admission to Creighton University may be transferred at the discretion of the respective College. Transcripts will be officially evaluated by the College after a transfer student has been formally accepted for admission. In some instances, the College may require that the transfer student complete successfully at least one semester at Creighton consisting of not less than 12 semester hours before the exact amount of credit to be transferred will be permanently determined.

Credit hours are transferred, but not grade points or grades. The grade point average of the transfer student will be determined only by work done at Creighton. Credit is normally not granted for correspondence or television courses.