Kingfisher Concentration Economics - Heider College of Business Students

The Economics Kingfisher Concentration offers students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of economics concepts and applications beyond the Heider Business Core requirements of ECO 203 and ECO 205. 

This version of the Economics Kingfisher Concentration is available only to students enrolled in the Heider College of Business.

Heider College of Business students may not pursue a Kingfisher Concentration (KC) and a major in the same discipline unless the student completes a second major. Thus, a Heider College of Business student may only pursue an Economics Kingfisher Concentration and an Economics (BSBA) major if they also pursue an additional major.

Kingfisher: Economics Requirements for Heider College of Business Students (9 credits)

Choose nine credits in ECO at the 300 level or higher.9
Total Credits9