Kingfisher Concentration Non-BSBA Students

Kingfisher concentrations BSBA students

A unique feature of the Heider Business Core is the required Kingfisher Concentration, named after Creighton’s Kingfisher Institute, whose vision is that “liberal arts and professional education complement and reinforce one another.” The purpose is to encourage students to find an area of depth that supports growth in at least one Heider Mindset, allows personalization of liberal arts coursework, and complements a student’s choice of major. Heider College of Business students must complete a Kingfisher Concentration comprised of at least nine credit hours (typically three courses) drawn from an academic minor or another approved area of concentration in the College of Arts & Sciences. When choosing a Kingfisher Concentration, students are encouraged to seek guidance from their academic advisor.

Kingfisher Concentrations for BSBA Students*, offered by the College of Arts & Sciences, may be accessed here.


Non-BSBA Kingfisher concentration options

Students from the other undergraduate colleges may pursue any of the following Heider College of Business Kingfisher concentrations, given appropriate advising and approval.

Introduction to Business



Human Resources

Technology in Business