BSBA(MGT)/MS-IHW Accelerated Program

BSBA Marketing-Management / MS-Integrative Health and Wellness

The BSBA to MS-IHW Accelerated program provides an efficient progression to complete the BSBA in Marketing and Management and the Master of Science in Integrative Health and Wellness in an accelerated time. The program enables undergraduate students to begin taking MS-IHW coursework during their final undergraduate year (i.e., 4th year) in order to complete their master’s degree at the conclusion of their 5th year.  Students in the BSBA: Management program may apply up to 12 credit hours of MS-IHW coursework to both their BSBA degree (as electives) and to the MS-IHW master’s degree.

Students in the BSBA to MS-IHW Accelerated program will enroll in 12 graduate credit hours during their final two to four semesters as a BSBA undergraduate within the MS-IHW program. (For illustrative purposes, the table below provides an example of the timing of these courses.) In conjunction with entering the IHW program, students will be required to complete GRD 600 Orientation to Creighton, an online on-boarding class for all Creighton graduate students. Students will then enroll in three credit hours of master’s level coursework per semester during their final two to four semesters as a Creighton undergraduate. All of these credit hours apply to the requirements of the MS-IHW degree and serve as electives for the BSBA major.

Degree Requirements

  1. BSBA - Marketing-Management requirements.
  2. Complete the courses in the Plan of Study below during the final semesters of the BSBA degree.
  3. Complete the MS-IHW requirements.
Plan of Study Grid
GRD 601 Writing for Graduate Students 1
IHW 591 Advanced Lifestyle Medicine 2
IHW 650 Health Behavior Modification 3
 Term Credits6
IHW 651 Nutrition for Chronic Disease 3
IHW 652 Exercise for Chronic Disease 3
 Term Credits6
 Total Credits12

Please note that students are responsible for identifying interest in this program by the second semester of the junior year (3rd year) to allow for proper academic advising and curriculum planning/advising. 

Admissions criteria are as follows:

  • Students must be a declared BSBA: Management major in good standing at Creighton University.
  • Students must have achieved a minimum cumulative Creighton GPA of 3.0 overall.
  • Students must have junior or senior standing.
  • Students must apply to the Graduate School prior to commencing their final six hours of graduate credit in the Accelerated program.
  • No GRE is required.