University Immunization Requirement

Effective July 7, 2021 all students reporting to the Omaha and Phoenix campuses are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to their arrival on campus.

Students participating in an on-campus program without verified COVID-19 vaccination documentation (or an approved exemption) may be subject to un-enrollment.

All Creighton University students are required to comply with the University’s immunization requirements. Students receive approval for course registration upon the completion and verification of their immunization records as coordinated by the Student Health Education and Compliance Office. Failure to meet these requirements will result in denial of class registration privileges. The requirements follow CDC guidelines and are reviewed annually. Immunization requirements apply to all students. International students, health science students and residential students (living in campus housing) have specific requirements. The Student Health Education and Compliance Office is the official record keeper for Creighton University regarding student immunizations and University immunization requirements. Please consult the Student Immunization Requirements website for additional details.

Residential Students: Students must have immunization requirements completed and immunization records verified by Student Health Education and Compliance prior to registering for classes and prior to receiving a housing assignment. Students who are in process of completing immunization requirements (i.e., have started a series for the first time) may be granted class registration and/or housing assignment privileges at the discretion of the Student Health Education and Compliance Office.

Immunization Exemptions: Exemptions to the University immunization requirements are considered for students who have a documented medical contraindication to receiving immunizations. Religious exemptions are not accepted. Students may request an exemption form from Student Health Services. Completed exemption forms are reviewed by the Director of Student Health Education and Compliance. Students are provided written notification of the acceptance or denial of the immunizations exemption request.