Patient Resource Policy

The clinics at the School of Dentistry are settings where students are provided opportunities for patient care experiences. The School has an established reputation for providing excellent oral health care by student clinicians in its clinics. Almost 46,000 patient visits per year attest to this reputation, with many patients traveling great distances to seek dental care at Creighton University School of Dentistry. The clinics are operated by the School to fulfill its Mission statement objectives of educating students and providing dental care to the community. The School has established clinical performance standards that are designed to ensure that its graduates can demonstrate both competence and the progression toward proficiency in providing for the oral health care needs of society. While the School of Dentistry will assist students in procuring the necessary patient resources from its patient population to meet these performance standards, it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to make sure that he/she has a sufficient patient population pool to perform the patient care experiences necessary to meet the applicable performance standards.