Shadowing in the School of Dentistry Clinics

Creighton University School of Dentistry will allow limited shadowing experiences in the School’s clinics for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • this program will only be available to Creighton University undergraduate students, to persons specifically invited by a faculty member, or to relatives of current students.
  • the student must be able to show proof of immunizations consistent with that expected of a School of Dentistry student.
  • the student will be required to wear personal protective equipment when observing in the clinics. This includes mask, gloves, clinic gown and protective eyewear.
  • for safety reasons, the student will not touch any dental instruments or equipment involved in the care of a patient.
  • the student must be able to demonstrate proof of HIPAA privacy training.

If this training has not been received, the student must contact the Assistant/Associate Dean for Clinical Services/Director of Clinics at least two weeks prior to the scheduled shadowing date to receive this training.

  • the student will not receive any academic credit for the shadowing experience.
  • the student must be dressed in accordance with the School of Dentistry dress code.
  • if carrying a cell phone, it must be turned off.
  • the student will not have access to electronic or paper patient records.
  • the student must be accompanied at all times in the School clinics by a School faculty member/student/representative (sponsor).
  • the student must obtain written approval from the Assistant/Associate Dean for Clinical Services/Director of Clinics prior to the shadowing experience.