Vendor Policy

Creighton University School of Dentistry believes a high quality dental education can only be attained in an environment where students have access to information regarding dental devices and supplies.  The School believes, however, this access must be regulated so that certain organizations do not appear to be given preferential treatment over others.  Additionally, these meetings should not disrupt the normal activities of the School nor should they impose a burden on the staff, especially facilities management.  In order to achieve this, the School has developed the following parameters to govern certain groups’ access to students:

  1. Arrangements for an organization to meet with a segment of the student body are made between the group and a representative from that student body segment.  The School, once informed of an upcoming meeting, will make every effort to provide a location for the session to occur.
  2. No drop-in visits are allowed in the School of Dentistry clinics or department.  All organizations must have an appointment time with a member of the student body.
  3. Groups are required to pick up their own advertising material after their appointment.  If advertising materials or information brochures are to be left in the School, the Assistant / Associate Dean for Clinical Operations must approve the issue and placement of such brochures.
  4. Any violation of this policy by a group may result in the suspension of organization visitation rights for a period of up to one year.
  5. Occasional meals for faculty, staff and students may be provided by organizations in connection with informational or educational presentations.  All meals must be valued no more than $10 per attendee and shall be provided in a location conducive to informational exchange. Group representatives may not drop off meals to be eaten. No spouses or guests of faculty, staff or students may be present for meals.
  6. A distinction is made between for profit and nonprofit organizations with respect to invoicing.  For profit organizations (i. e. dental equipment manufacturers, dental product manufacturers or distributors, etc.) may be required to follow the meal policy as detailed above.  Nonprofit organizations (i. e. educational institutions, residency programs, etc.) are under no obligation to provide meals.
  7. A further distinction is made between those occasions when representative(s) of one organization meet with students, often termed “lunch and learn,” and when several organizations make presentations, often termed a “vendor fair.”  Under this latter scenario, none of the organizations will be expected to provide food, however, they will be assessed a fee ($650) to procure booth space.