Grading System

A student’s scholarship rating in each course is determined by the combined results of examinations and class (and laboratory) work as explained above. This rating is reported by the instructor in accordance with the grading system shown below.

A 4.00 Outstanding
A- 3.67 Excellent
B+ 3.33 Good
B 3.00 Satisfactory
B- 2.67 Marginal
C+ 2.33 Unsatisfactory but passing
C 2.00 Unsatisfactory but passing
F 0.00 Failure
AF 0.00 Failure, excessive absences
WF 0.00 Failure, unauthorized withdrawal
X 0.00 Absent from Final Exam
UN 0.00 Unsatisfactory
I Incomplete
SA Satisfactory
AU Audit only; no credit
W Withdrawal from a course

Credit earned with SA (Satisfactory) may be counted toward graduation but does not affect the student’s GPA; however, UN (Unsatisfactory) functions as a failure in computing the grade-point average. An I is given at the end of the term if the work is incomplete but progressing satisfactorily.

Pass/No Pass Option

The Pass/NoPass (P/NP) grading option is available for students in good academic standing for selected courses at Creighton. A limit of nine (9) Pass/No Pass hours will be permitted the eligible student. With this option the instructor of record is not informed which students have registered “P/NP.” The instructor's letter grade assignment will be changed to the appropriate “P” or “NP” designation when final grades are processed. A “C” is the lowest possible passing grade. The “P” or “NP” grade does not affect the student's grade-point average. Students may not register “P/NP” for prerequisite, required, and supporting courses in their major area of study.

Incomplete and Absence from Final Examination

The "I" and "X" are marks used, as explained below, to reflect a student’s irregular status at the time final end-of-term grade reports are due.

I (Incomplete). A student who has failed to fulfill all requirements of a course may petition the instructor before the close of the term to assign an end-of-term mark of I indicating incomplete performance. An I may be awarded to graduate students only for reasons of illness, unavoidable travel breaks in the program, or for incomplete work on a thesis or dissertation. An I (incomplete) will not be granted to a student who has been excessively absent during the term or who has simply failed to complete the work of the course before the close of the term without an exceptionally good reason.

Students must submit a Incomplete Request and Agreement Form for an Incomplete to be assigned. This form indicates the work to be completed and the deadline for completion. Both the student and professor must endorse the form.

The responsibility for completing all course work rests with the student. The maximum time limit for clearing an incomplete, except in thesis or dissertation, is one year from the end of the course. If the incomplete is not cleared within this limit, the grade specified in the incomplete agreement will be recorded by the university; and the student must reregister for and satisfactorily complete the course if credit is desired.

The I does not affect the grade-point average. However, should a student have more than one-third of his credits for a single registration period outstanding as Incomplete s/he will not be permitted to register for additional graduate credit until the incompletes are cleared.

An X is given to a student who missed the regularly scheduled final examination, and the X functions as a failure until it is cleared. If the reason for absence is acceptable to the Dean, an examination must be taken as soon as possible but not later than one month from the date of the regular final examination. A permanent grade is recorded after the final examination is taken. If the examination is not taken as specified or if the reason for absence was not acceptable, the student receives F in the course.

A student who receives an "I" in a course that is a prerequisite for another course will not be permitted to enroll in the subsequent course.

A student who is both incomplete and absent from the final examination will receive both an "I" and "X" (IX), which will function as a failure until cleared as specified above.