Enterprise Risk Management Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Enterprise
Risk Management: 15 Credits

This program is no longer accepting new students for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Program Goals

Create a professional learning environment where upon completion, students will be able to:

  1. Articulate how Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) enables improved strategic decision-making across the  organization
  2. Describe how risk assessment-based allocation of resources should ideally function within ERM models
  3. Summarize the evolution of the Chief Risk Office (CRO) within organizations, and describe the implications of these changes within different ERM models
  4. Develop an Investment Policy Statement for an ERM governed organization, and summarize the application within the overall enterprise strategic direction
  5. Develop an Enterprise Crisis Communication Plan (ECCP) for an ERM organization, and summarize the implementation considerations needed for adoption
  6. Develop an ERM framework model and plan for integration within an organization
  7. Develop and analyze an ERM framework and governance model for an assigned organization

Certificate Requirements:

Required Courses
MBA 720Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management3
MBA 721Credit and Market Risk Fundamentals3
MBA 722Enterprise Risk Management-Leadership and Governance3
MBA 723Case Studies in Enterprise Risk Management and Governance3
Electives - choose one course3
Crisis Planning and Enterprise Communication Management
Total Credits15