B.S., Leadership

B.S., Leadership

Leadership is not an act, but a way of being, and it is an ongoing process. Grounded in the Jesuit leadership paradigm, this program prepares students for leadership opportunities not just at work, but also in the ordinary activities of everyday life. Central to this adult-focused interdisciplinary leadership program is the premise that the leader must know him or herself. This self-awareness stems from an ongoing ability to engage in self-reflection and discernment. This self-awareness can be utilized in all personal and professional roles and ultimately leads to a desire to work for innovation and change. Thus, the foundational philosophy of the B.S. in Leadership Studies centers around the following tenets:

  1. We are all leaders, and we are leading all the time, well or poorly;
  2. Leadership springs from within and it is about who I am as much as what I do;
  3. Leadership is not an act, it is my life, a way of living; and
  4. One never completes the task of becoming a leader but instead, it is an ongoing process.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Disciplinary Competence: Articulate and apply leadership theories and practices in a variety of settings.
  2. Critical Thinking: Practice critical thinking in a variety of leadership situations.
  3. Ethics: Apply ethical practices and Ignatian values in a variety of environments. 
  4. Communication Skills: Demonstrate effective communication skills for personal and organizational leadership.
  5. Deliberative Reflection: Practice deliberate reflection for personal and professional formation.
  6. Diversity: Demonstrate an awareness for the diversity of individuals.

B.S., Major in Leadership Requirements: (36 credits)

ILS 201Introduction to Leadership Studies3
ILS 302Strategic Leadership & Project Management3
ILS 303Ethical Dimensions of Leadership3
ILS 304Financial and Quantitative Dimensions of Leadership3
ILS 306Social Justice: In Thought and Action3
ILS 320Theories of Leadership and Organizational Change3
ILS 499Leadership Capstone3
Additional 15 credits from ILS courses numbered 300 or above. Non-ILS courses with leadership relevance may be applied to major electives with approval of the program director.
Global Perspectives: Food in World History
Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector
Healthcare in Society
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Coaching and Mentoring
Women in Leadership
The Human Capital Management Environment
Leadership Well-Being
Leadership in Literature
ILS Practicum
Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Management
Nonprofit Governance: Board Development and Strategic Planning
Organizational Messaging
Acquiring and Selecting Human Resource Capability
Directed Independent Study
Total Credits36

Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Degree Program

This program provides highly qualified and motivated students an opportunity to complete both the Bachelor of Science (Leadership) and Master of Science (Organizational Leadership) at an accelerated pace. Participating students can apply as many as 12 credit hours of graduate-level coursework toward both of their degrees.