Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Office of Academic success: academic coaching and tutoring

The programs and services within Academic Success focus on academic support, student monitoring and retention, and the academic transition to college. Students are encouraged to take advantage of:

  • Our nationally certified Tutoring Program provides individual and group tutoring in over 70 courses, drop-in or by appointment, in a variety of formats.
  • Academic Counseling and Coaching, where students learn tips and strategies appropriate for their learning styles and personal academic goals. Academic Success Peer Mentors provide study skills and academic guidance from a peer’s perspective.
  • Study Supports, including Coordinated Study Groups, Open Study Hours, and Study Partner Sessions, that help to add structure and accountability outside of the classroom.
  • Workshops and Seminars that teach strategies to help students understand and manage the academic rigor of Creighton.  These focus on time management, test anxiety, exam prep, and other fundamental study skills.
  • Academic Strategy Courses, which are credit-bearing courses designed to help students understand their strengths and areas for improvement as learners.