Career Advising

The John P. Fahey Career Center

The John P. Fahey Career Center, as an integral part of Student Success, provides students with career advising and services to help identify academic and career aspirations while introducing opportunities to gain experience and develop connections with employers and alumni. The professionals in the Career Center empower, develop, and inspire students to create unique and unparalleled paths by assisting with career assessments and advising, résumés and personal statements, career events and networking, interview preparation, internship and job search assistance, and graduate/professional school guidance.

Career and Major Exploration

The Career Center engages students as early as freshman year straight through to graduation. Career Advisors are available to meet with students on an individual basis in one convenient location. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of career services early in their academic careers, and can obtain assistance with clarifying career goals and options, personality and career assessments, and choosing or changing majors/minors.


The Career Center sponsors workshops and seminars on résumé writing, interviewing techniques, job/internship strategies, professional/dining etiquette, and graduate/professional school preparation in addition to offering an alumni mentoring program and courses on discernment and experiential learning. Career Fairs are offered in the fall and spring semesters that provide students the opportunity to network with more than 200 representatives from business, healthcare, nonprofit, government and graduate/professional schools.


The Career Center maintains information and listings for local, national, and international internships. Internships are available during the academic year and summer and vary in length from summer to semester to year-long. Students are encouraged to meet with a Career Advisor to strategize about their internship search and application preparation. All internships are listed online through Handshake.


The Career Center provides information about local, national, and international employment opportunities, industry profiles and trends, information about specific companies, as well as access to Handshake, a comprehensive database of jobs, internships, and employers. Handshake also provides access to interview schedules, career fairs, recruiting events, and more.

About Us

The John P. Fahey Career Center, as part of Student Success, is committed to assisting students and alumni in exploring purpose and opportunities. The Fahey Career Center helps students develop career-related skills and implement goals that reflect their unique roles in the world of work and their commitment to a life of service to others.

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