Program Directors: Jinmei Yuan, Associate Professor of Philosophy; Maorong Jiang, Director of Asian World Center
Asian World Center Office: Becker Hall Suite G25

Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide undergraduate students with a broad understanding of Asian cultures and an awareness of the important historical and international events happening in the Asian world. This program is designed to build a solid foundation of philosophy, religion, history and political science for further study in this field.

Minor in Asian Studies


ASN 300. Introduction to Asian Studies. 3 credits.

Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to introduce students to the traditions, cultures and politics of Asia by examining the area stretching from Korea in the east to Pakistan in the west, and from the steppes north of China's Great Wall to the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent.

ASN 412. Studies in Major Authors. 3 credits.

Cross-listed with ENG 412 when study appropriately relates to Asian Studies.P: ENG 120, ENG 121, ENG 150 or equivalent; Jr. stdg. or IC.