Data Science (B.S.)

Data Science is the science of planning for, acquiring, managing, analyzing, modeling, and drawing inferences from data. Data Science combines computational and statistical thinking practices, with a foundation in mathematics, to answer data-driven questions about the world. Students majoring in Data Science will apply statistical inference and modeling techniques to large data sets, develop computation and algorithmic problem-solving skills for interacting with data, and use mathematical tools to develop and evaluate new approaches for data modeling., Data Science majors will be able to communicate with both data consumers and data producers through written, oral, and visual techniques, and explore the ethical and professional issues surrounding the data revolution.

B.S., major in Data Science requirements (50 credits):

MTH 245Calculus I4
MTH 246Calculus II4
Data Science Core
CSC 121Computers and Scientific Thinking3
MTH 365Introduction to Data Science3
MTH 366Machine Learning3
GDE 426Data Visualization3
CSC 542Database Design and Security3
DTS 599 (Course under development)3
Mathematics/Statistics core
MTH 350Applied Linear Algebra and Differential Equations3
or MTH 541 Mathematics for Data Scientists
MTH 360Elementary Probability and Statistics3
or MTH 361 Probability and Statistics in the Health Sciences
MTH 362Statistical Modeling3
Computer Science core
CSC 221Introduction to Programming3
CSC 222Object-Oriented Programming3
CSC 321Data Structures3
Electives-Choose one from two elective tracks6
Option 1: Advanced Computer Science track
Choose any 2 of the following courses:
Algorithm Design and Analysis
Introduction To Artificial Intelligence
Social Networks Analytics
Option 2: Advanced Mathematics/Statistics track
Choose any 2 of the following courses:
Advanced Linear Algebra
Mathematical Statistics I
Mathematical Statistics II
Total Credits50