Director: Jay Leighter, Ph.D., Department of Communication Studies

The Sustainability Program draws from internationally established definitions of sustainability that emphasize meeting the resource needs of the current generation without preventing the capacity of future generations to meet their own resource needs. Doing so requires complex problem solving and an inherently interdisciplinary perspective emphasizing the balancing of environmental, humanistic, sociocultural, and economic demands. The program is responsive to environmental degradation and global urbanization, particularly, but emphasizes the value of a sustainability education in public policy, community development and social justice. The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Sustainability is intended for students interested in pursuing careers that improve conditions for sustainability in communities, government, non-profits, civic organizations, business or law.

The Sustainability Studies program has received a Creighton Global Initiative award for 2016 fostering a collaboration with Environmental Science and Energy Technology in order to enhance international study opportunities for students. 

Minor in Sustainability Studies