Program Director: Dr. Andrew Hogan, Department of History

The Science and Medicine in Society minor provides students with historical, sociological, and anthropological perspectives on science and medicine. Students will demonstrate an understanding of science and medicine as social and political enterprises, which change over time not simply due to new discoveries and insights, but more fundamentally because of evolving conceptions of what constitutes reliable knowledge about human health and the natural world. Students will learn the necessary analytic skills to make critical assessments about the social production of knowledge. Students will acquire the tools needed to construct compelling arguments about the role, place, and impact of science and medicine in society.  

Minor requirements (18 credits)

Disciplinary background (2 courses)
Choose one course from:3
Controversies in Science and Medicine (1900-1990)
Global Perspectives in History: History of Science and Medicine
Choose an additional course from the following:3
Controversies in Science and Medicine (1900-1990)
Global Perspectives in History: History of Science and Medicine
The Stuff of History: Materials That Have Shaped Our World
Philosophical Ideas:Foundations of the Sciences
Introduction to Anthropology: Culture, Energy and Sustainability
Introduction to Anthropology: Social and Cultural Determinants of Health
Upper-level, critical analysis (4 courses)
Required of all students:
HIS 476Historiography of Science and Medicine3
Choose at least two courses from the following:6
Introduction to American Studies
Mapping History: Cartography from the Early Modern to Digital Age
History and the Holocaust
The Politics of Heredity: Eugenics in America
History of Sexuality
Intersections: History of Disability
The Renaissance
Selected Topics In Ancient History
Digital Cultures
Global Environmental History
An additional course chosen from the list above or from the following:3
Native American Cultures and Health
Medical Anthropology
Cultural Epidemiology: Global Perspectives
Health Communication
Sources and Methods: This View of Life -Evolutionary Biology
Sources and Methods: Cosmology and our Evolving Understanding of the Universe
Sources and Methods: Classics of Social Theory: Positivism and its Discontents
Environmental Ethics
Biomedical Ethics: Philosophical and Theological Approaches
Environment and Society: Sociological Perspectives
Healthcare, Society and Culture
Total Credits18