Class Attendance

Creighton University's primary obligation is the comprehensive and holistic education of students. Implicit in this is every student's conscientious participation in all course activities. Expectations include, among others, attending required campus sessions, participation in recitations and laboratory sessions, and in online synchronous and asynchronous activities.

At the start of every semester, each instructor of record publishes the course syllabus which includes the instructor’s expectation for student participation in course activities. It is the student's responsibility to note the expectations and fulfill them.

Officially excused absences from on-campus course activities or from participation in online course activities must be submitted via our formal absence request program, cleared with the course instructor of record and with the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. If a student will be unable to participate in course activities due to health, pregnancy, or family emergencies, the student will submit documentation in support of an excused absence to the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs via our formal absence request program or via email if the absence request has already been completed. The Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will secure documentation in support of excused absences and serve as a clearinghouse to notify the instructors of record of all the courses in which the student is enrolled that the documentation for an excused absence has been verified. Appropriate documentation includes official physician’s note, obituary, jury duty summons, etc.

A student who has been unable to participate in activities of elective courses and cannot make up the course work will be permitted to withdraw without penalty before the official University withdrawal date. Withdrawal from elective courses after the University official withdrawal date is only possible in special circumstances and upon approval of both the instructor of record and the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Students may not withdraw from required courses unless a Temporary Withdrawal is first approved by the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The student receives a grade of “W” and no credit for the course. A student who is dropped from a course for unexcused non-participation will receive the grade of “AF” (absence failure). Once a grade of “AF” has been assigned, the student is not eligible to receive a “W” grade.