Removal from Experiential Education Site

The appropriate Experiential Education Director/Assistant Director and the clinicians/administrators of an experiential education site have the authority to remove students from the site if their performance or behavior compromise patient safety or is disruptive to staff and/or site operations. Any student whose clinical competence and/or attitudes and behaviors are sufficiently deficient or inappropriate so as to warrant removal from a clinical rotation site prior to the completion of the clinical rotation experience will receive a failing (F) or unsatisfactory (UN) grade for that experience.

Required courses in which grades of “F” or “UN” are earned must be repeated at the student’s expense in order to graduate. Students earning two grades of F or UN will be dismissed in accordance with the School’s Scholastic Standing Policy.

Students are urged to contact their Clinical/Experiential Education Director/Assistant Director at the first sign of difficulty so that problems can be addressed and resolved in a timely and professional manner.