Criminal Background Checks

All entry-level and post-professional SPAHP students will be required to submit to and receive an acceptable criminal background check as a condition of enrollment. Acceptable student backgrounds for enrollment will be determined by each program’s Admissions Committee in consultation with the Experiential Education Director.  Background investigations will be conducted via a contractual arrangement with an outside vendor at a frequency to be determined by the Experiential Education Director of the student’s program of study.  Some clinical facilities may require additional background investigation(s) prior to permitting students to participate in experiential education activities. Program enrollment and clinical facility placement are contingent upon completion and receipt of an acceptable criminal background investigation.  Acceptable student backgrounds for experiential education participation will be determined by the Experiential Education Director in consultation with selected faculty.  The investigational screenings will include, but may not be limited to, the following for every state and county of residence:  criminal record, alias name, warrants, protection orders, residential history, social security number, abuse registry, sex offender registry, Office of the Inspector General (OIG) cumulative sanction report.