Readmissions Policy

Students dismissed from the School for the first time for reasons of poor academic performance or misconduct (academic or non-academic), who either do not elect to appeal for reinstatement or who appeal but are not reinstated by faculty, may apply for readmission to the School. Likewise, students dismissed for reasons of academic or non-academic misconduct may apply for readmission if allowed by the final administrative authority adjudicating their case. A student who experiences a second dismissal is permanently dismissed from the program and is ineligible for readmission.

Students eligible to apply for readmission must wait a minimum of one calendar year from the date of dismissal before submitting a formal application. The application for readmission will be reviewed by the Admission Committee of the program to which the applicant is applying. Applicants for readmission will be held to the same standards of academic performance and motivation for the profession as other applicants seeking admission in the same cycle. The readmission applicant's academic history at the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions will be considered by the Committee, as will any additional academic performance documentation submitted by the applicant. Official transcripts from all schools, colleges, or universities attended since leaving Creighton University must be submitted as part of the reapplication package. 

The Admission Committee will have full access to the student's Creighton University permanent record, including correspondence generated as a result of the original dismissal action. In addition to submitting all required admission application paperwork, the individual seeking readmission has the right to submit documentation or evidence that the conditions and/or factors which resulted in the previous dismissal from the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions program have been remedied or have significantly improved. However, submission of such documentation or evidence is in no way a guarantee that the admissions petition will be successful.

Individuals who are readmitted will enroll in the curriculum that is in place for students beginning their first professional year during the academic year in which the readmitted student enrolls. Advanced standing status will be determined by the Assistant/Associate Dean in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs. The readmitted student's prior academic record within the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions will remain a part of her/his Creighton transcript. The grades for required professional courses successfully completed that are applicable to the student's current curriculum, and which are deemed acceptable when the decision on advanced standing is made, will be used in calculating the professional grade point average. Grades for all other previously completed courses will not be calculated into the readmitted student's professional GPA.

A readmitted student is subject to all policies affecting students in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. A readmitted student who is dismissed for poor academic performance under the School's Scholastic Standing Policy or for academic misconduct may appeal to the faculty for reinstatement. The readmitted student who is dismissed for academic or non-academic misconduct may appeal through procedures outlined in the Creighton University Student Handbook. Readmitted students who are again dismissed and who elect not to appeal a dismissal, or who appeal and are denied reinstatement, are not eligible for readmission to the School.