Temporary Withdrawal

Students who are seeking a degree or certificate in an undergraduate, graduate, or professional program may request a Temporary Withdrawal.  Reasons for such a request may include medical/psychological, personal or military obligations.  This withdrawal is considered to be a temporary interruption in a student’s program of study and must be approved by the student’s school/college.  The request must be made:

  • After the end of the semester when a student doesn’t plan to return for the next semester but plans to return within one year.
  • During a semester when a student withdraws from all courses after the withdrawal deadline and plans to return within one year.

The duration of the temporary withdrawal may be up to one year (including the summer term).  A student requesting to return to the University after being on a temporary withdrawal for longer than one year must make formal application for readmission.  Unique circumstances requiring an absence longer than one year (e.g. Religious Obligations, Military) must be discussed and approved by the appropriate Dean.

Students enrolled in the College of Professional and Continuing Education will follow the ‘Student Stop-Out and Readmission Policy.’

When a student is granted a temporary withdrawal mid-semester, final grades of ‘W’ will be assigned.  All previously graded courses at the time of the request will remain on the student’s record, regardless of the semester in which the courses were taken.

A temporary withdrawal initiated mid-semester may result in a loss of tuition.  Student responsibility for tuition, fees, and any other costs is determined in accordance with the Refund Policy and Schedule.

Students must re-register for (and retake) any of those courses that are required upon their return.  This will necessitate the repayment of tuition for those courses.

Students should be aware that being on an approved temporary withdrawal does not change the time limit to complete their degree or certificate.  The time taken during the temporary withdrawal will be included as part of the student’s time to completion.  Time limitations which pertain to the completion of courses from previous semesters in which a grade of ‘I’ (Incomplete) was given are not waived. 

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Financial Aid Office prior to the temporary withdrawal in order to retain future scholarship eligibility.  Semesters absent under an approved temporary withdrawal do not count against the eight semester limitation for Creighton University scholarship funds.   

During the temporary withdrawal period, students are not considered to be enrolled at Creighton University for the purpose of loan deferments.  However, students are eligible for services of the Career Center and library facilities.

If a student is approved for a temporary withdrawal and later is suspended, dismissed, placed on warning for unsatisfactory academic performance or is suspended, dismissed or expelled as the result of a disciplinary action, the sanctions take precedence over a temporary withdrawal and stand as a matter of record.

Only written requests that include specific information about why the temporary withdrawal is being requested will be considered. There is no guarantee that a request will be granted.  A temporary withdrawal cannot be approved retroactively.

A student on an approved Temporary Withdrawal must request and receive permission in advance to enroll in courses at another regionally-accredited institution during this time.  Courses not approved in advance may not be transferred back to Creighton University.

Temporary Withdrawal – Medical/Psychological

This may be requested when a student’s health condition significantly impairs his/her ability to function successfully or safely as a student.  If the student is unable to participate in the temporary withdrawal process, the student’s parent, spouse, advisor, or other designee may do so on behalf of the student, once the incapacitation of the student is documented.  A licensed healthcare provider must submit a letter substantiating the condition and supporting the withdrawal.

Temporary Withdrawal – Personal

This may be requested when personal circumstances (e.g., family illness, death or other emergency) interrupt a student’s academic progress. 

Temporary Withdrawal – Military Obligations

Creighton University supports its students who are military members of the National Guard or Reserves who are called into active duty for military service by the United States during a war, other operation or national emergency, however, this excludes active duty for training or attendance at a service school.  If the student’s military service requires an absence longer than one year, the student should discuss this with the Dean of the college or school.

The following guidelines will apply to approved temporary withdrawals due to military obligations:

  1. The student will receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid to Creighton University if the request for a withdrawal for military service is filed prior to the last day to drop classes.
  2. The student will have a choice of three options if the request for a withdrawal is received after the last day to drop classes:
    1. A full refund of tuition and fees with no credit awarded for work completed during the semester.
    2. An Incomplete grade in all courses, upon approval of all instructors, with the right to complete all coursework within one year without further payment of tuition or fees.
    3. A grade in all courses, upon approval of all instructors, based on work completed to the date of the withdrawal request.
    4. Options b) & c) may be combined should circumstances warrant, at the discretion of the Office of Military & Veterans Affairs.
  3. The student will receive prorated refunds for his/her housing and meal-plan, if applicable, based on taking the percentage of days registered at the University over the total number of days in the semester (i.e., beginning with the first day of class and ending on the last day of finals).
  4. Federal financial aid awards will be returned, if required, according to Return of Title IV funds calculation as determined by the Department of Education.
  5. While the University will make every effort to accommodate a student returning from active duty, placement in certain honors programs at the University cannot be guaranteed.

The student will be required to return university property, such as keys to residence halls, university computer equipment, library books, etc. in order to receive a refund or re-enroll.