Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (B.S.Chm.), Chemistry track

Requisite Courses (All of the following are pre-requisites for courses required in the major):

Requisite Courses
MTH 245Calculus I4
MTH 246Calculus II 14
or MTH 249 Modeling the Physical World I
PHY 201General Physics for the Life Sciences 13
or PHY 213 General Physics for the Physical Sciences I
or PHY 221 Advanced General Physics I:Modeling the Physical World
PHY 202General Physics for the Life Sciences II 23
or PHY 214 General Physics for the Physical Sciences II
or PHY 222 Advanced General Physics II:Modeling the Physical World

B.S.Chm., Chemistry Track Requirements: 37 Credits

CHM 315Quantitative and Statistical Analysis 14
CHM 321Organic Chemistry I3
CHM 322Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1
CHM 323Organic Chemistry II3
CHM 324Organic Chemistry II Laboratory1
CHM 341Physical Chemistry I3
CHM 342Physical Chemistry Laboratory2
CHM 343Physical Chemistry II3
CHM 381Fundamentals of Biochemistry3
CHM 451Inorganic Chemistry I3
CHM 456Instrumental Analysis3
CHM 466Instrumental Analysis Laboratory2
CHM 497Directed Independent Research II1
CHM 496Directed Independent Research I2
or CHM 498 Directed Independent Research - Special
Select two additional courses, one of which must be a laboratory-based course as follows:3-4
One of the courses must be taken from the following:
Chemical Thermodynamics
Statistical Mechanics
Group Theory
Selected Topics In Physical Chemistry
Quantum Chemistry
Advanced Kinetics
Chemical Applications of Spectroscopy
Computational Chemistry
Second course may be chosen from the list above or from the following:
Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
Biochemistry Laboratory
Forensic Chemistry
Selected Topics In Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry II
Green and Sustainable Chemistry Laboratory
Advanced Organic Chemistry: Synthetic Organic Methods
Bioorganic Chemistry
Organic Spectroscopic Analysis
Polymer Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry Laboratory
Electrochemical Methods
Nucleic Acid Biochemistry
Protein Biochemistry
Total Credits37-38