Environmental Policy Minor

The Environmental Policy minor focuses on the ethical, cultural, political, economic, and scientific factors that facilitate or impede environmental problem-solving. The minor provides students with a grasp of national and international environmental laws and policies designed to address current environmental concerns. Students will study the political and cultural contexts that shape the relationship between human interests and environmental concerns, including the roles played by science, government, business, and civil society.

Minor in Environmental Policy Requirements: 19 Credits

EVS 333Environmental Politics And Policy3
EVS 354Environmental Ethics3
EVS 420Environment & Society: Sociological Perspectives3
Select one of the following:3-4
Introductory Chemistry
Introduction To Atmospheric Sciences
Environmental Science
Environmental Geology
Conceptual Physics
Select one of the following:4
General Biology: Organismal and Population
and General Biology: Organismal and Population Laboratory
General Biology: Cellular and Molecular
and General Biology: Cellular and Molecular Laboratory
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
Introduction To Atmospheric Sciences
and Introduction To Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory
Select one of the following:3
Environmental Economics
Sustainability and Rural America
Environmental Philosophy
Food, Society and Environment
Environmental Communication
National Parks - Created through Communication
History of Environmental Inequalities
Global Environmental History
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Total Credits19-20