BA, Major in History Requirements: 33 Credits

Global Perspectives in History3
Choose one of the following courses:
Conquest, Piracy, and Slavery: A History of the Atlantic
Global Perspectives in History: Europe and the World
Global Perspectives in History: History of Science and Medicine
Global Perspectives in History: Rights and Revolutions
The Twentieth Century as "The American Century
Asia and the World: Global Perspective
Islam and the World
Medieval Encounters
Global Perspectives in History: The Native American Experience
U.S. History
HIS 311United States History To 18773
or HIS 312 United States History Since 1877
HIS 290History Workshop3
HIS 490Advanced Research Methods3
Upper-level HIS Electives 121
Select 21 credits of HIS at the 300-level or above. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisors to select an appropriately diverse chronological, regional, and thematic range of courses.
Total Credits33

International Relations Specialization

Students pursuing the specialization in International Relations take 15 of their 21 elective credits from the following list.

Select fifteen credits from the following:15
The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Struggle For The Holy Land
Mexico And The Mexican Revolution
The United States And Latin America
Origins of Modern Africa
United States Military History
Selected Topics
20th Century Europe
History of Southeast Asia
Modern China
Modern Japan
The Making of Modern Egypt
Nationalist Movements in Colonial Africa
Southern Africa: The Politics of Race
Directed Independent Readings
Directed Independent Research
Modern Germany
Postwar Europe
Russia's Revolutions
The Rise and Fall of Europe's Empires
Foreign Relations Of The United States, 1898-1945
Foreign Relations of the United States Since 1945
The United States and Canada
Change And Revolution In The Middle East
Cuba Under Castro
Special Problems in History 1
Upper-level HIS electives6
Total Credits21

As pre-approved by Department Chair.