The theology minor introduces students to foundational and advanced courses in theology. The minor familiarizes students with the basic principles and methods of theology, and, depending upon their particular interests, enables them to apply those principles and methods to specific topics or areas of study in historical or contemporary theology.

Minor in Theology Requirements: 18 Credits

Theology Courses from Magis Core6
Select 6 credits from any of the following three Magis Core components:
One Christian Tradition Course (THL 110, THL 111, THL 112, THL 113, THL 114)
One 200-level Scripture Course (200-244)
One Theological Ethics Course (THL 270, THL 272, THL 273)
Intermediate Theology Courses9
Select either 9 THL credits from 345-599 OR 6 THL credits from 345-599 plus 3 THL credits from 201-344 taken in addition to student's Core requirements.
Advanced Theology Course3
Select 3 THL credits from 500-599.
Total Credits18