Specific Requirements for Admission to the Art History Major:

Successful completion of ARH and one additional Art History course.

B.A., Major in Art History course requirements: 30 Credits

Three credits of Studio Art (ART courses)3
Select two of the following:6
History of Western Art and Architecture I
History of Western Art and Architecture II
Art International: The Art Culture of the Global Community
Select three courses from three of the following four areas:9
The History and Aesthetics of Latin American Photography
Modern Hispanic Art History
The Jesuits and the Arts
History of The Art of Spain and Her Colonies
Native American Art
Egyptian Art And Archaeology
Archaeology of Israel and Jordan
Greek Art and Archaeology
Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
Imaging Christ: The Challenge of Early Christian Art
Etruscan and Roman Art
Selected Topics in Ancient Art and Archaeology
The City of Rome in Antiquity
Medieval and Early Modern
Medieval Art and Architecture
History of Northern Renaissance Art and Architecture
History of Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture
Michelangelo and the High Renaissance
Seventeenth-Century Art and Architecture
History of the Art of the Eighteenth Century
History and Aesthetics of Photography
History of American Architecture
History of American Art and Architecture
Nineteenth Century Art
Modern European Art, 1900-1945
Select twelve additional credits from the areas above or the following:12
Cities and People:Urban Planning and Ethical Decisions
Art Crime
Topics in the History of Art
Art and War
Senior Thesis
History and Methods of Art History
The Lives of Artists in Film
Women, Art and Society
History of Architecture and Urbanism
The City
The City of Rome since Antiquity
Management of Arts Organizations
Arts Management Internship
Summer Art History Seminar
Directed Independent Research
Directed Independent Research
Senior Thesis II
Exploring Italy
Total Credits30