Specific Requirements for Admission to the B.F.A.

  • Successful completion of at least one ART course and acceptable portfolio review.

B.F.A., Major in Studio Art Requirements: 54 Credits

Select one of the following:3
Art Fundamentals
Color Fundamentals
Painting Fundamentals
Introduction to Printmaking
Select one of the following:3
Three Dimensional Foundations I
Figure Sculpture I
Welded Metal Sculpture I
Bronze Casting Sculpture I
Stone Carving I
Each of the following:
ART 211Introductory Ceramics3
ART 271Photo Studio I:Beginning Black and White Photography3
ART 306Color: Acrylic and Chalk3
ART 321Life Drawing I3
ART 331Painting I3
ART 347Etching I3
ART 498Senior Thesis I3
ART 499Senior Thesis II3
Studio Art Elective15
Select 15 credits in studio art from the following.
Figure Sculpture II
Intermediate Ceramics I
Intermediate Ceramics II
Artistic Anatomy
Life Drawing II
Painting II
Etching II
Sculpture III
Arts and Civic Engagement: Empty Bowls
Advanced Ceramics I
Advanced Ceramics II
Life Drawing III
Life Drawing IV
Painting III
Painting IV
Etching III
Etching IV
Sculpture IV
Directed Independent Projects
Directed Independent Research
Sources and Methods:Pictures and Words: The Visual Book
Art History
Choose one of the following:3
History of Western Art and Architecture I
History of Western Art and Architecture II
Select 6 credits of any ARH 300+ level course6
Total Credits54