Spanish and Hispanic Studies Minor

The Spanish and Hispanic Studies Minor offers students the opportunity to explore the broad interdisciplinary field of the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. The Minor, designed to complement the students’ areas of specialization, will allow them to develop the linguistic and cultural proficiency necessary to work professionally in the United States and in all Spanish-speaking countries while making significant contributions to their communities. In addition to obtaining a greater mastery of all language skills (reading, writing, comprehension, speaking), students will acquire and apply terminology specific to their field. Finally, the Minor, in introducing students to diverse Hispanic literatures and cultures, will not only develop their analytical skills, but also teach them to recognize, negotiate, and appreciate cultural difference.

Minor in Spanish and Hispanic Studies Requirements: 18 Credits

  • A minimum of 12 credits towards the minor must be taken at Creighton
Course for Starting the Minor: 13
Intermediate Spanish 1
Advanced Spanish I
Spanish Grammar in Context
Advanced Spanish Conversation
Select nine credits from the following: 29
Advanced Spanish I
Spanish Grammar in Context
Advanced Spanish Conversation
Communicating In Business I
Spanish Immersion I
Spanish Immersion II
Spanish Immersion in the Dominican Republic
Medical Spanish I
Spanish Conversation 3
Special Topics in Hispanic Cultures
Introduction to Translation
Spanish for Heritage Speaker
Select six credits from the following:6
Advanced Spanish Composition
Civilization and Culture of Spain
Latin-American Culture and Civilization
Encuentro Hispano I
Encuentro Espanol I
Introduction to Literary Analysis
Total Credits18

Note: Students must take at least five courses taught in Spanish toward their minor.