BA, Major in International Relations Requirements: 37 Credits

PLS 105Introduction to World Politics 13
PLS 121American Government And Politics3
PLS 215Comparative Political Systems3
PLS 310Political Science Research Methods4
PLS 340International Politics3
PLS 591Senior Research Seminar In Political Science 23
Select six credits from the following:6
International Political Economy
International Regimes
Global Poverty and Development
International Conflict
Select twelve credits from the following:12
Western European Political Systems
Politics of Russia
Eastern European Political Systems
Politics of the Middle East
Politics of Asia
Government and Politics of People's Republic of China
Latin American Government And Politics
Politics Of The Developing Areas
Issues And Challenges In American Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy And Diplomacy Of Major Powers
Bombs and Rockets: National Security Policy
International Political Economy
International Regimes
The European Union
Ethnicity, Nationalism and Democracy
Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements
Seminar On Comparative Politics
Politics of Africa
Global Poverty and Development
Seminar on International Relations
International Conflict
Poverty, Development and Public Policy
The New Institutionalism
International Law
Total Credits37

Students beginning this major in their Sophomore year should substitute an upper-level political science course for this requirement.


 This course is offered only in the fall semester, and may not be taken on an independent study or transfer basis.

Requisite Courses for International Relations Major

ECO 203 Introductory Microeconomics and ECO 205 Introductory Macroeconomics. Mastery of a modern language is strongly urged for students pursuing the INR major.