Specific Requirements for Admission to the Political Science Major

PLS 121 American Government And Politics or PLS 215 Comparative Political Systems are normally prerequisites for other political science courses for a department major.

B.A., Major in Political Science: Legal Studies Track Requirements: 34 Credits

Required PLS Major Courses
PLS 121American Government And Politics3
PLS 215Comparative Political Systems3
PLS 310Political Science Research Methods4
PLS 591Senior Research Seminar In Political Science 13
Legal Studies Track Courses
PLS 320Judicial Process3
PLS 337Constitutional Law3
PLS 390Philosophy of Law3
PLS 537International Law3
Three credits in either International Relations or Comparative Politics subfield3
Select six credits in either American Government/Politics or Public Policy/Law subfield6
Total Credits34

This course is offered only in the fall semester, and may not be taken on an independent study or transfer basis.

Requisite Courses for Legal Studies Track

Students will select six credits from the following: BUS 201 Legal Environment of Business, BUS 301 Business Law, ECO 203 Introductory Microeconomics, ECO 205 Introductory Macroeconomics, JRM 529 Law of Mass Communication, PLS 356 Constitutional Issues, PSY 363 Psychology and the Law, SOC 321 Sociology of the Criminal Justice System, SOC 423 Law and Society.