Auditing Courses

Students will be permitted to register as auditors only for exceptional reasons and with the explicit authorization of the Dean. Not all courses are open to auditors. Auditors are not held responsible for the work expected of regular students, are not admitted to examinations, and receive no grade or credit for the course. Regular attendance at class is expected, however, and auditors are subject the same as regular students to being dropped from the course for excessive absences (in this event auditors receive a W). Changes of registration from credit to audit or audit to credit will not be permitted after the deadline, four weeks after the first day of classes (prorated accordingly for shortened terms).

A student who has previously enrolled as an auditor may not take the course for credit during any succeeding semester.

Charges for courses audited are one-half (50 percent) of the regular per-credit-hour tuition rate when the per-credit-hour rate is applicable, for example, when a student registers for less than 12 semester hours, including the credit for the course(s) audited. For Summer Session courses, the 50 percent reduction for auditors applies to the regular rate only, not to the Summer Session discounted rate. Also, special courses, workshops, and institutes offered at a special flat-rate tuition charge are excluded from the auditor discount.

Students seeking to change from credit to audit status will be eligible for a tuition adjustment (if otherwise applicable) only if the change is made with the dean’s approval within the period for late registration.