Incomplete Policy

An Incomplete (grade of “I”) may be given to a student who is unable to fulfill all requirements of a course due to extenuating circumstances. The student may petition the instructor before the close of the term to assign an end-of-term grade of “I” indicating incomplete performance. The instructor may agree to this grade when, as a result of serious illness or other justifiable cause, the work cannot be completed by the end of the term. A grade of “I” will not be granted to a student who has been excessively absent during the term or who has simply failed to complete the work of the course before the close of the term without an exceptionally good reason. Students must submit an Incomplete Request and Agreement Form for a grade of “I” to be assigned. This form indicates the work to be completed and the deadline for completion, which is set by the instructor and should not exceed a maximum one year from the end of the term. Both the student and professor must endorse the form.

The responsibility for completing all course work rests with the student. After the deadline or maximum one year time limit has passed without a grade submission by the faculty, the grade specified in the Incomplete Agreement will be recorded by the University.  If no grade was designated on the Incomplete Agreement, a failure of the course is assumed and a grade of “F” (or equivalent based on the course grading scale) will be recorded. When an Incomplete is cleared and a final grade, either passing or failing, is assigned, the final grade is entered on the student’s permanent academic record in place of the “I”. If credit is desired for a course where a failing grade was assigned, the student must re-register for (appropriate tuition will be assessed) and satisfactorily complete the course. In cases where an Incomplete Request and Agreement Form is not submitted, a grade of "F" (or equivalent based on the course grading scale) is assigned after one year from the end of the term in which the Incomplete was given. 

Incompletes do not affect the grade-point average but may affect Satisfactory Academic Progress. A student with an outstanding “I” in a course that is a prerequisite for another course will not be permitted to enroll in the subsequent course.  A degree will not be conferred if the student has any outstanding Incomplete(s).