Pass/No Pass Option

Beginning with their Sophomore year, students may register for courses on a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading basis. A limit of twelve Pass/No Pass hours will be permitted for an eligible student. Courses to be taken on a “P/NP” basis must be selected from those outside the student’s major and its requisite courses, and from outside educational courses leading to teacher certification. Up to four credit hours in the Arts and Sciences minor may be taken on a “P/NP” basis. No Core courses may be taken as “P/NP.” Course prerequisites must be met. Hours passed will be counted toward graduation but will not be included in the grade-point average. Likewise, a “NP” does not affect the GPA. The grade of “C” will be the lowest pass grade. The “P/NP” status of a student is not made known to the instructor, who grades the student in the traditional manner. The final grade is converted to “P” or “NP” when the student’s end-of-term grade report is processed. For Heider College of Business students, “P/NP” will only be accepted for non-restricted electives.

Approval to take a course on a Pass/No Pass basis must be obtained from the Dean after registration. For full semester courses, the deadline for signing up for Pass/No Pass is the same as for changing from credit to audit, i.e., four weeks following the first day of classes. No change in status from Pass/No Pass to regular grading or vice versa will be allowed after the first four weeks of the semester.