Withdrawal from a Course: Students may dis-enroll from a course after the drop deadline but prior to the established withdrawal deadline of the term with permission of the dean's office. In fall and spring semesters, the withdrawal deadline is approximately 10.5 weeks after the start of the semester. Refer to the posted online Academic Calendars for specific dates. During summer or other shortened terms, the withdrawal deadline is prorated accordingly.

A non-punitive grade of “W” (Withdrawal) appears on the student’s transcript.

Students desiring to dis-enroll from a course after the withdrawal deadline may only do so after petitioning and receiving approval from the Dean. If such a petition is not approved, a regular grade will be assigned by the instructor as per the course’s grading policy.

Withdrawal from the University: Students who desire to dis-enroll from all courses after the drop deadline but prior to the withdrawal deadline (see above for deadline guidelines), must receive permission from the Dean of the School/College in which the student is registered. A student is considered enrolled until he or she has formally requested and received permission from the Dean to withdraw from the University.

Upon permission to withdraw from the University, non-punitive grades of “W” (Withdrawal) appear on the student’s transcript.

Students who withdraw from school and plan to return within the following year may wish to consider a Temporary Withdrawal.

Students needing to withdraw due to military service will follow the Temporary Withdrawal Policy.