Entrepreneurship Minor

Students in the Entrepreneurship Minor enrich their primary major knowledge with entrepreneurial skills that will serve them immediately and as they contemplate becoming an entrepreneur. Students will gain knowledge in basic business disciplines; exposure to macro and micro entrepreneurial concepts; and the experience of creating, developing, and pitching their own venture.

This minor is open to all students at Creighton University.

Entrepreneurship Minor requirements: 18 credits

ECO 203Introductory Microeconomics3
MKT 319Principles of Marketing3
ENT 311Innovation and Creativity3
ENT 411The Entrepreneurial Toolkit3
ENT 473Venture Creation and Development3
Select one of the following:3
Entrepreneurship Internship
Vocation of the Business Leader
Entrepreneurship Incubator
Practicum in International Development
Sustainable Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship
Renewable Energy Strategy
Or select three credits in ENT at the 300 level or above not otherwise included in the list of required courses.
Total Credits18