Latin American Studies

Program Director: Dr. Scott Eastman, Department of History,
Associate Director: Dr. Tom Kelly, Department of Theology,

Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide undergraduate students with a broad understanding of Latin American cultures and history. The program addresses anthropological, cultural, environmental, gendered, historical, political, and theological approaches to studying Latin America. After completing six courses that examine Latin America from a minimum of three disciplinary perspectives, students will have a deeper understanding of American diversity - of Latino communities in and out of the U.S. - and a greater appreciation of marginalized and less privileged peoples across the region.

Minor in Latin American Studies requirements: 18 credits*

Choose one of the following: 3
Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
Spain and its Empire since 1492
Choose five courses from three different groups: 15
Latin American Anthropology or Sociology
Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
Social Stratification in the Dominican Republic
Latin American Art History
The History and Aesthetics of Latin American Photography
Modern Hispanic Art History
Encuentro Dominicano
Dominican Republic in Context
The Power of One: Poverty, Sustainable Development
Latin American History
Spain and its Empire since 1492
Atlantic Revolutions and Empires
Latin American Politics
Latin American Government And Politics
InterAmerican Politics
Philosophy of Law
Seminar On Comparative Politics
Latin American Literature and Culture
Latin-American Culture and Civilization
Encuentro Hispano I
Survey of Latin-American Literature
Encuentro Hispano II
Latin-American Novel
The Latin-American Short Story
Twentieth-Century Latin-American Poetry
Twentieth-Century Latin American Theatre
Contemporary Latino(a) Literature
Feminine Voices from Latin America and Spain
Theology in Latin America
Sources and Methods: The Catholic Church and Latin America
Jesus Christ: Liberator
Ecclesiology in Global Context
Introduction to Liberation Theology
Total Credits18