Chair: H. Ashley Hall, Ph.D.
Department Office: Dowling Humanities Building, Room 140

The Theology Department is dedicated to the classical understanding of theology as “faith seeking understanding.” Faculty in this department represent a spectrum of theological interests including Old and New Testament studies, patristic and historical theology, moral theology, liturgical theology, and systematic theology.  Members of the theology department also have expertise in several of the world’s religious traditions. The department attracts students with diverse career goals ranging from ministry to medicine.

Major in Theology

Specific Requirements for Admission to the Theology Major

Sophomore standing and “C” average in two or more completed theology courses.

Minors in Theology

Certificate programs


Professors: Sherri Brown, J. Jay Carney, Julia A. Fleming, Leonard J. Greenspoon, Thomas M. Kelly, Richard W. Miller, Nicolae G. Roddy, Todd A. Salzman, Ronald A. Simkins

Professor Emeritus: Michael G. Lawler, Joan L. Mueller, Wendy M. Wright

Associate Professors: Dulcinea Boesenberg, Eileen C. Burke-Sullivan, Max T. Engel, Harold Ashley Hall, Christina G. McRorie, Zachary B. Smith

Assistant Professors: Gordon P. Brubacher, Susan Calef, Julia A. Feder

Resident Assistant Professor: Jeannie Sellick